Our Story

Texas Women in Trades was founded in 2013 by Allie Perez. Allie came to the trades in 2011 and immediately noted the lack of women, minorities and young people. She started working in the plumbing trade in 2011. She immediately noticed the lack of female representation. Her love for the trades motivated her to share the benefits of a career in the trades with others.

Allie attended New York University and graduated in 2006. She understands the hard work and finances needed to fund a college pursuit versus a low to no debt option of a future in trades. Currently, Allie is the VP of Marketing for a plumbing contractor in San Antonio.

There are sixteen statutes to follow for any contractor working with the government. Three of those sixteen refer to equal rights employment and requires businesses to reach out to organizations like TWIT to encourage businesses to provide equal rights employment. The DOL now recommends Texas Women in Trades to contractors who are not in accordance with the statues set forth by the U.S. Government.

Founder, Allie Perez, Presents Trades at School Career Days